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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  July 14, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: the suspect, 22- year-old alvin white in custody and facing a long list of charges including kidnapping. here he is behind the wheel of the victim's lexus 300. sideswiping a car as he left the gas station in baltimore last night after robbing the place and taking the woman and child hostage. more damage seen on the car after it sideswiped a state trooper at powder mill road before the washington beltway. >> i really didn't want to jump, but i didn't know what else to do. so i acted like i had my seat belt on and i pushed my door open while he was look in the rear-view mirror and i jumped out. >> reporter: with troopers in pursuit, she bailed out just before the cabin when the carjacker slowed down. the baby okay, nothing but a cut on her head. >> when i saw the northern virginia sign, i'm like oh my gosh, he's going to take me to virginia, rape me and kill me in front of my son or something. i was so scared. >> reporter: this whole thing takes about 50 to 55 minutes.
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this guy was obviously flying down the road. at times over 100 miles an hour, hits a state trooper, another state trooper in pursuit weaving in and out of traffic and then starts slowing down right around cabin john and that's when she took action. that's when it ended. in the newsroom, scott broom, 9news now. >> yes, that saved her life, scott, thank you. we have breaking news coming out of bowie, maryland right now. sky 9 is over the scene of a head-on collision. you see what's left of that. that involves the bowie police officer along old crane highway. as you can see what a damage from just the brute force of the accident is amazing. two people have been flown to the hospital though with non- life-threatening injuries. we're following more breaking news out of dulles international airport. they busted up a huge heroin trafficking ring that allegedly uses couriers to smuggle drugs from ghana to our area. what can you tell us on this story? >> reporter: well anita to our
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area and up and down the east coast, the couriers allegedly earned $15,000 per trip forcarrying up to a kilo of heroin. it's about the size of this brick. the street value, a quarter of a million dollars. the 15-page indictment details an elaborate scheme in which couriers including u.s. citizens in ghana smuggledheroin like this into dulles international airports. >> they used specific suitcases, carry-on bags, as well as luggage. they were lined with the heroin and then boarded up airplanes and ultimately set for the united states. all in hidden compartments. >> reporter: from dulles, the ring leaders distributed the heroin to dc and northern virginia, baltimore, and new york. >> west africa has arrived on the map. it's a shipment point for
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deadly illegal drugs. they are not produced in west africa, but heroin, cocaine, other deadly drugs are being shipped from west africa to the europe and u.s. area. >> reporter: according to the indictment, the dea discovered and dismantled the east coast's distribution network less than a year after it opened up for business. and to accomplish that, federal agents staged simultaneous takedowns today in ghana and in maryland. leading to the arrests of two maryland men, one from germantown, the other from green belt. and two women from alexandria, virginia were also arrested for their alleged roles as couriers. we are live at dulles international airport. 9news now. >> all right, thank you. two men are now charged in the deadly shooting of man in bowie, maryland. police say that the suspect posted as utility workers and investigators say that the victim was targeted. that murder took place yesterday afternoon in the 13,200 block of living stone
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drive. his name not released. tonight, arlington police are on the lookout for two gunman in a stolen luxury suv. the porsche cayanne was used in a car robbery this afternoon. the suspect stole the car as the driver was pulling out of the driveway on south 18th street just after noon today, the men staged an armor car robbery at 16th and northwest. the men, one of them carrying a machine gun, tried to hold up a truck. it's unclear whether or not any money was taken. >> all right, let's face it when we are talking about pet peeves on the highway, the slow drivers in the far left lane, that has to top the list. but could a new law change that in maryland? we spent the day on the road live in college park where i'm sure that you saw a lot of that going on. >> reporter: absolutely. i was behind the wheel and i saw lot of that going on.
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however, here we are overlooking the capitol beltway at the height of rush hour. everyone knows it can certainly be a nightmare. some say especially when you are in that left lane trying to get to where you're going, and that driver in front of you just won't move or speed up. and some say that should change. you have seen this before, a car in the left lane refusing to move over. >> they are the ones that cause accidents. >> reporter: so what do you do? >> we flash our lights, probably the most unsafe thing you do is pass on the right side. >> reporter: and on the road today, we saw a whole lot of right side passing. for the record, maryland law currently says you can cruise in the left lane as long as you're traveling at the speed limit. but drop below 65, well that's when you have to move. but montgomery county is considering amending that state law, requiring drivers to make room for a passing car regardless of speed. >> it's a wonderful thing to
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do. it's a courtesy. >> reporter: more than just the courtesy, but it's the law in 31 states, including nearby, virginia. >> you know what i also heard, that trucker is the biggest defender for driving slow in the left lane. >> reporter: that's right, some states will actually ticket the vehicles and the truck drivers for traveling in the left lane. >> it cost you a lot of money. >> reporter: she never puts her bus out there, but you know. >> if i see a vehicle coming up behind me that is going faster than the one i'm going, i just move over. >> reporter: if you are traveling at the posted speed limit and another driver tailgates you and comes up behind you at a faster speed, then you would be required to move out of the left lane. that does not sound like, you know, highway safety to me. >> reporter: well, the council is considering this because the proposal actually came from a member of the montgomery county police department. a captain, in fact. as you just heard a number of
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council members are not quite yet on board. lesli? >> all right, so that left lane driving with the slow drivers, they will go on for a little bit longer, thank you. >> yes, you might. well, there's been a shocking turn of events at the roger clemmons perjury trial in washington. no understatement here. >> the judge declared a mistrial after jurors were shown some inadmissible evidence. brett wet is live -- brett haber is live with more. >> reporter: lesli and anita, this was a huge break for roger clemmons. many legal experts believe there's a very good chance that roger clemmons was going to lose this case, facing significant jail time for allegedly lying to congress. but now we may never know the truth. declaring a mistrial today because prosecutors showed the jury evidence that the judge ruled out of bounds. testimony of the life of his former teammate in which he claimed to have knowledge of clemmons steroid use.
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the judge apologized to the jury today, saying that both sides have to observe the rules we play by, the prosecutors didn't, so clemmons gets to walk. the judge will hold a hearing on september 2 whether or not to convene another trial in this matter. if the prosecutors knew that this evidence was out of bounds on the instructions of the judge, why did they ignore those instructions and use this evidence anyway? >> reporter: well you have to think that's what the judge is taking the time right now to figure out. did the prosecution intentionally introduce this video that included testimony that mentioned some of the evidence that the judge decided before this trial even started that it could not be used, that it was prejudice. so right now they are trying to figure out whether or not they can try this case again or if it will be double jeopardy. as you just said, if it is
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that, then roger clemmons caught a break here. >> what is the likelihood that the judge is going to hold another trial or do we think that this thing may be over for good? >> reporter: it is hard to say right now -- brett. they are having that hearing again. between now and then, they will take a look at what happened in court and try to decide whether or not this was something that was an accident. prosecution asked the judge today, can you tell the jury to disregard that evidence and the judge said there's no way to do that. there is no way to unring the bell. so he wanted to make sure that, you know, they dotted all the i's, they crossed all the t's. if clemmons was convicted in this case, he could have gone to jail. again, the judge is being very cautious here. >> roger clemmons had over 350 wins in his career, this may have been the easiest. lesli and anita, we'll have much more on the clemmons mistrial coming up at 6:00. >> we'll see you then. some of the traffic headaches along i-95 in northern virginia, well they should be coming to an end.
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sky 9 flew over a new lane on 95 north and south in prince william county. located around the route 123 exit and there were lawmakers taking part in the ribbon cutting ceremony. we see topper. >> yeah, what a great afternoon and evening. it doesn't get much nicer than this. you might be surprised how cool it will get and we'll take a look ahead for your weekend. but first, president obama calls lawmakers back to the white house for a fourth straight day to try to reach a deal that would raise the debt ceiling. up next, we'll talk about the immediate financial impact if the federal government defaults.
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lawmakers are back at the white house where debt limit talks are heating up. neither side is getting an inch, prompting dire warnings from the financial world. but the democratic and republican lawmakers are still pointing pickers, blaming each
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other for the debt stalemate. and we have let the white house fool around for the credit of the united states. >> and this was never about debt for them. it is only been about protecting the wealthiest feud while middle class americans and our nation seniors pay the price. >> reporter: lawmakers are trying to cut a deal that would raise the debt ceiling and cut the democratic spending. they want to tie in the tax increases. but the republicans, they are refusing to consider that. with the august 2 deadline looming, they warn that they are putting america's bond rating under review finish a downgrade. if that happens, all kinds of things could happen.
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it would likely be something you cover for debt, we could pay interest on what people have and what they are borrowing. >> reporter: we only get $4 to $10 to spend? >> yes. >> we are talking about if the government does not pay the government contractors, how do they pay their people? >> right. first of all you would have the question as to who to pay originally. do you pay the social security
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recipients, do you pay the military troops, do you pay the veterans benefits? everyone would say yes to all those questions. pretty soon you're up to the 135, you know, the amount of money that we have. i think it's $172 billion for the month of august. so then you don't fund the fbi, you don't fund the department of education. >> which they all have employees. >> right. >> and you know, most every federal employee, they would get furloughed, eventually repaid and furloughed to begin with. so it is indirect. >> i was going to say if you are not a government employee, but you're wondering what would happen to you personally. >> right. >> well then what happens is the impact on the overall economy. so the interest rates could go up, you know, if we can't, you know, if the united states can't honor their obligations, then the people that are wanting to buy the treasury bond, they would need to ask for a higher interest rate. they go up, that affects the mortgages, the car loans, that affects the credit cards. and then you have the cost ability of the overall economy, they are sinking to the stock market that gets in effect.
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that affects your 401k, all your investments. people, they are going to spend more on interests, they are going to save less as a result. and you know, it is clear. >> reporter: yes, that something has to happen? we got until august 2 to do it as far as you know. i know you need to go back and cover this, so thank you for taking time out of your day to be here with us. >> yes, any time. >> all right, anita, over to you. >> all right, lesli, thank you. hey, bottoms up. washington has a new fuel cocktail. it's called the rookie. a combination drink made with gin or whiskey. the dc council member issued a proclamation today, naming the ricky. and washington's native cocktail. the drink was actually invented in 1883 at a bar where the j.w. hotel now stands across from the wilson building. being offered in the hotel lounge at half price for the rest of the month. atlantic city is top when it comes to board walk.
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they rank america's first board walk as the best in the nation. the new york's coney island comes in second followed by myrtle beach, south carolina. ocean city is in fourth place. we're hoping that they rank sixth on this list, right after venice beach in california, lesli, topper. >> you know i could get used to walking anywhere with this kind of weather. i mean this is just worth it. this is payback for, you know, the days that we had to deal with the real hot stuff. >> it is. we'll talk about how long it will last in just a minute. >> yes. hail. >> where? >> check this out in denver. >> oh my. >> it came down fast and furious. they had flooding. and in fact, you know, they canceled about 30 flights yesterday. they stranded about a thousand passengers. they had to actually spend the night at the airport. and the hail was about, well, inside, so about the size of a quarter. and it canceled about 90 departures as well, and even today it was still affected. 40 planes were damaged in the 15-minute storm, which produced again, very heavy hail. and the wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour.
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just a mess around the denver area. all right well for us, we're in great shape. 84 right now, 81 in gaithersburg. low 80s in manassas and fredericksburg is only 81. 84 in hagerstown and 82 in martinsburg. now here is the deal. a refreshing chain is clear and cool tonight. open up the windows. warm and pleasant tomorrow. and a warmer weekend ahead. nothing crazy hot, but you know, it is heating up just a little bit. for tonight clear and cool. open up the windows. 68 to 58. upper 50s in the burbs with almost a full moon. let's talk about the dew points. the dew points right now are in the upper 40s and the lower 50s. the dew points in the 70s, they are miserable. when they are in the 60s, it's comfortable. when they are in the 50s like tonight; you can open up the windows. you can expect the record lows. tonight no record lows, but you can open up the window. look at the temperatures, inside the beltway, downtown, mid to upper 60s. that's about 10 degrees better than it has been for the past few days. 62 in rockville, 16 in
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gaithersburg. low 60s in bowie. mid-60s down here. reston and fairfax in the low 60s. 61 in sterling, but 59 in leesburg. 59 at middleburg. pretty good deal. now tomorrow morning, sunny with a cool start. 60s and 70s. air quality forecast could be code yellow, which is moderate. i think that it will be code green again. by the afternoon, mostly sunny, highs around 85, winds are out of the southwest at about 10. and all right, so friday's day planner, 58 to 68 to start. and beautiful by lunchtime if you're walking out here. 84 to 87 just great by afternoon. for and this is fan -- and this is fantastic golf weather. if you have any painting to do outside, this is a great time to do it with low humidity. the next thee days, warmer -- three days, warmer on saturday. almost hot on sunday. temperatures are around 90. we'll sneak a little sprinkle in there later on in the day. next seven days. here comes the heat, you can't keep up the 90s at bay for
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long. low 90s on monday. mid-90s on tuesday and wednesday. isolated thunderstorms are possible, pretty much each afternoon and evening. by next thursday, temperatures will be in the upper 80s with a chance of a thunderstorm. these little thunderstorms are happening on monday. i tweeted about where they were going all the time. so even putting that out on the air, following topper's weather, you can see where the thunderstorms are. this was taken yesterday. great picture. and remember the lightning, five times hotter than the surface of the sun. you've got to take it seriously when you hear thunder, go indoors. nice picture. go to our website,, click on the weather tab and upload your picture, but include requester name, location, description -- include your name, location, and description. >> yes. okay well the murdocks have a change of heart. they are going to allow british lawmakers to grill them about the phone hacking scandal.
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betty ford's funeral was held in her hometown, grand rapids, michigan. she is no laid to rest next to gerald ford, her husband on the grounds of the ford's presidential museum. today would have been president ford's 98th birthday. the man new york police say brutally murdered an 8-year-old brooklyn boy was in court today. the 35-year-old was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation at the request of his lawyer. he was arrested yesterday after police reportedly found him sitting in his apartment with his dismembered body. allegedly kidnapping the boy while they were walking home from a day camp. he now says that he will talk to british lawmakers about the phone hacking scandal.
5:25 pm
they had a change of heart after being threatened with legal action. and his son and the news international chief scheduled to testify at a hearing next tuesday. a panel is digging into allegations. reporters hacked the phones of murder and terror victims. and now a law enforcement official tells the associated press that the fbi has opened up their own investigation into whether news corp. sought to hack into the phones of victims from 9/11. >> there is no reason to believe given what has happened for them and continued to mushroom that there won't be similar kinds of episodes here. >> reporter: and several u.s. senators are demanding the investigation into whether or not the company broke the u.s. law banning bribes to foreign officials. >> reporter: there's been another break-in in new york. that's where the late night man was taken. in the latest take, aspiring provisions through the glass doors. that man is under arrest and says he wassing angry because letterman did not respond to
5:26 pm
the demo tapes he sent. another man broke in four days ago and his lawyer says that he was so drunk, he doesn't remember a thing. police or people living in chicago were surprised to find what appears to be a supervised marilyn monroe. a 26-foot statue featuring a familiar looking pair of legs sprung up outside the tribune building on michigan avenue. and it appears to be a recreation of monroe's iconic image from the 1955 film, the seven-year itch. that will be fully unvailed tomorrow night. coming up next, new at 5:30, adrian fenty has a new job. he is joining us live. he will be joined live by the former dc mayor to talk about life after politics and the current scandal in the city government. itching to steal a flag that was heavily damaged in 9/11. it is making their way across the country, hoping to mend the country for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. i'm peggy fox, the story is
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coming up.
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the firm is known for their medical malpractice work and they represent people and businesses on a contention-fee basis. and the former mayor joins us live in the studio with our
5:30 pm
own derek mcginty. >> well thank you there, lesli. don't forget me i'm still in town. >> yes, you know, this month i joined a law firm, a local law firm out here. and they sent out a press release. you guys were kind enough to pick it up and invite me to come on. i'm glad to be here. it's a great firm and, of course, you know, we'll continue to live in the city. and i'm glad to come back. >> yes. >> let me ask you this, you have had some time now. think about what went wrong, what happened. i think the thing that is so interesting to us for a lot of you, you didn't seem to see until very late when the city was angry with you.
5:31 pm
what happened there? why didn't you see that? >> reporter: well, again, you know, i said a lot during the campaign and right after the campaign. about, you know, what we were trying to do. i don't really have anything to add if i did, then i would have, you know, probably done that. there is so much anger at you and you seem to feel like that for the last couple of months, you didn't have anything to call out there. >> so you're going like before that side? >> yeah. >> well, i'm more past september 12, you know, we've got a new mayor, the city council that supports them and a new law firm that joins, the other things i'm doing. you know, that is 2011 now. >> you moved on? >> yeah. >> okay, let me ask you this, what is the best thing you did as mayor, the thing you feel
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best about? >> well, no question. you know, tackling the education system, trying to bring reforms there. that's the most important thing for you, that, you know, any of us in washington, d.c. and the residents could do. the next generation is relying on us to fix the school system. >> let me ask you this question. i've got to go back before september 12 a little bit. one of your opponents, soul -- sulaimon brown, i'm sure you heard about all his accusations. when he was campaigning and you said he could not vote grounds, vote gray, did you have any sense that maybe the two of them were working together that they were in a handshake deal about that? >> no, you know, there wasn't. and in any that i knew of. i approached that campaign, just like i did the previous three. they have worked as hard as humanly possible. and yeah, you know, a lot of things are happening campaignwise, a lot of ups and downs to them. and you know, when the person wins the election, all the other candidates are suppose to come together and support that
5:33 pm
system. >> okay. >> and do you miss politics, do you want to be mayor again? could we see that side again in three to four years ago or seven to eight years? >> well, one, you know, i'm a political junkie. two, again, that is the best job that i will -- ever have. and three, i don't pursue the politics as a profession, so i think that it is my responsibility, you know, just like it is everyone elses to be involved in that community to help out where they are. there are lots of things to do to help your community, besides being the elected official. i want to try to find them. i'll be in dc my whole life, raise my kids here. the city is great and it will keep getting greater. >> yeah, i mean again, there are great things out there that i got the opportunity as mayor to do. i'll never forget it. but there will be great things i could do as a civilian. so yes, i'm enjoying those and we'll continue to move it up. >> thank you for having me. we appreciate it. lesli, back to you. >> all right, thank you. well today, congressional leaders banned together with families of some of the 9/11
5:34 pm
victims to kick off a new nationwide initiative. the families and the lawmakers are stitching the national 9/11 flag, a 30-by-20 foot american flag that was destroyed at ground zero. our own peggy fox took a turn with more on that experience and the people she met there today, peggy? >> reporter: well, this huge flag was going to be respectfully destroyed because it was just too damaged to fly again. and then somebody got the bright idea to take it across country and let americans from all over stitch it back together. now it is not only a symbol of unity, but it's become a powerful therapy for people who have lost so much. >> she lost her daughter, maria in the 9/11 attacks in new
5:35 pm
york, but she was not in the world trade center, she was across the street in a building with no electricity. >> i don't think about that, for the last seven years, they have been judging me crazily, you know, how long it took for her before god said let me take her. >> reporter: her daughter died of carbon monoxide poisoning. she appeared on capitol hill because of this flag, it had been flying at the world trade center and was ripped and torn to pieces when the buildings came down. someone found it and stored it for seven years in maria's building. when the mending started, so did hers. >> when the flag came to me, that's when i started my healing process because i was really a mess. i was depressed, i didn't want to do anything. >> reporter: she has traveled with the new york thank you foundation across the country, often to place this hit-by- tragedies like tornadoes and flags. so far 11,000 people have helped stitch this flag back together. it's been in 37 states, and now
5:36 pm
the district of columbia, on 9/11 they are hoping to be in joplin, missouri. >> it's giving back to the community. every came to new york right after september 11 to help us out, so this is a healing for not only people from new york, but basically around the country. >> reporter: new york's firefighter pat nevel lost so many friends in 9/11, he stopped counting at 70. the national 9/11 flag is said to be a testament to the resilience and compassion of the american people. the new york says thank you foundation mission says from one day of terror, 10 years of kindness. anita, lesli. >> peggy, thank you. it's nice to see you getting to participate as well. >> it's very nice. dozens of union workers at the washington post staged a protest outside the lunchtime center today. they are trying to pressure the post to come up with a better contract offer. newspaper guild talks have been going on since early may.
5:37 pm
a union representative says that the key issues include outsourcing rules and pay. so far the post has no comment. a new study shows a combo treatment may give men the best shot of beating prostate cancer. findings in the new york journal of medicine show the short-term hormone suppression therapy, along with radiation, definitely helps overall survival rate with men from early stage cancer. it estimated nearly a quarter million men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year alone. and there is progress out here to report in snuffing out on screen smoking, which can influence kids to try cigarettes for the first time. and a new study shows three film companies, they have drastically reduced smoking like this in movies aimed at children and teens after adopting policies to cut on screen tobacco use. over the past five years, teens involving the cigarette use from an average of 23 films to just one with most of the youth targeted movies now depicting no smoking at all.
5:38 pm
well, could it be a peep for madmen? the show about a changing 1960s america picked up 19 emmy nominations including one for best drama. other best drama contenders include hbo's game of thrown, board walk empires, then dexter, friday night lights, and the good wife. modern family, "glee,", "the office," "parks and recreation," and "30 rock," are all up for best comedy. this year's emmy awards take place on september 18. we'll keep you posted on thewinners. coming up, forget that superstition about bad tax to bad luck. one black kitty is super lucky after surviving a 20-foot fall. and coming up new at 6:00, the marine who finally got his wish. last night we told you about his fight to become a citizen. today we'll tell you what happened. don't forget we're always
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on at stay with us, we'll be right back.
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a close call today forced three runners at the bull run today in spain, but they only suffered some cuts and bruises. and a total of 41 people were taken to the hospital for injuries suffered during the eight bull runs this year. and one person was killed and 22 injured when a bridge collapsed. this happened today in china. they were on board a tour bus that plunged to the ground in the fuji province. the survivors were rushed to the hospital. officials say it was unclear what caused the bridge to tumble down. and they are calling it the miracle cat in new york city.
5:42 pm
the kitties survived a 20-story fall from a manhattan apartment building. now, somehow the cat crash landed on the pavement, but with barely a scratch. they realized the window cracked not realizing the dangers. >> in all the years we have been here, he never even looked at the window, let alone peeked his head out or anything. i assumed he saw something and leaned out trying to take a swing at it. he's getting around pretty good right now and eating and he seems, you know, relatively happy. all things considered, he curbed up on the couch and he watches -- he curls up on the couch and watches tv. >> people are already lining up for the opening film of the movie, the harry potter series. the harry potter series is online next. the latest constablement of the good, the bad -- latest con
5:43 pm
stallment of the good, the bad, and the ugly. why this is not quite as much fun as slip and slide with water. plus, nascar's newest event, lined truck racing. how to smell your way around the tracks a few hundred miles away. it's in gbu coming up next. >> all right, brett. the smart phone app competition heats up. coming up, we're going to show you some top 5 android app picks.
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the treasury department said that the move will save taxpayers about $70 million over the next five years. a new report finds more than a third of us own smartphones. about 39% of people indicated that their phone has a smart
5:47 pm
operating system like apple ios, android, blackberry, windows, or palm. and the few internet and american life project survey found that all 83% of adults own a cell phone. but others with the simpler feature films still outnumber smartphone users. there is an app for just about anything on those smart phones, but android phone sales have really surged. so which apps are best for this popular device? tonight we check out the top five android apps you can easily adapt to your life. >> reporter: there are tens of thousands of apps in the android marketplace. but cnet editors have chosen 10 of their favorite apps. to wed l that library -- whittle that library down to the top 100. >> the the nice thing about this, you see different personalities come out. >> reporter: the cnet editor placed an app called read it later at the top of his list of top favorites. >> it's an app that lets you save all the articles when you
5:48 pm
see on your phone, so when you go back and you want to look at everything you have saved, you can read it wherever you want. >> reporter: he selected a variety of vacation planning apps like trip advisor, flight tracker, and kayak. >> once you plan a trip, everything from flights, hotel car rentals, save it in one place, you can have it on your phone and it alert you, things like that. >> reporter: when you're on vacation, you need a good photo app for customizing your photo pictures. >> you can turn it black and white and actually use it a little like photoshops. so i use one called camera 360. >> if none of these click with you, there are dozens more to choose from that may be a perfect fit. >> all right, now we've got a link to the full list of android apps on our website that you have shared your favorites with us on our facebook page. brandon miller says among my favorites are the dc metro transit apps that allow you to keep track of metro and also for music lovers, i like shazaam. the favorite android app? gas buddy, starbucks locator,
5:49 pm
and, of course, angry birds, which i hear is not only popular, but addictive. >> i think i'm the only one in my house that is not addicted toking -- to angry birds. >> i have played it and it's like okay. >> yeah, but my daughters love it. >> yeah, they love it. >> are they killing birds? what are they doing? >> yeah, sort of. but they are just fake birds. >> oh. >> yeah, and the daughters love the starbucks locator, oh yes, they love that. >> just go a block, why do you node an app for that -- need an app for that? >> a bear in a tree. a 150-pound black bear in new jersey, which is 40 miles west of new york city about 20 miles north of princeton, new jersey. he was just hanging out, close to a house before they spotted him. and he is still up there as far as we know. temperatures, mid-80s, low humidity. 84 downtown, 81 in gaithersburg, and 84 out in leesburg. and even all the way down to fredericksburg, only 81.
5:50 pm
that's a great deal. now for tonight, clear skies. it's going to be cool, open up the windows, 58 to 68. that's just a great deal. in fact, even inside the beltway tonight, we're talking upper 6s. 68 downtown, 67 in arlington, but 62 in rockville, 63 in bowie, and 62 in fairfax. tomorrow morning, grab your shades, sunny and cool. 60s and 70s. fantastic start. what a strong finish to the weekend. mostly sunny, about 85 on friday, but not humid. >> we'll warm it up on friday, but not too much. 90, maybe a sprinkle, then the heat will return. it looks like the low 90s to the mid-90s on monday, tuesday, wednesday, each day, they got a chance of an isolated or scattered shower or thunderstorm. and by next thursday, we could be knocking on the old triple digit store. >> okay, so we need to enjoy these 80s while they last? >> yes. they cannot last too long in july. >> it is gbu day. >> yes. >> and before we go to gbu, i
5:51 pm
just need to clarify that angry birds, they are killing pigs with the angry birds. >> right. >> i didn't want you to think something else. >> clearly i don't know a thing about angry birds. >> it's discourage of birds on pig violence. [ laughter ] >> okay, got it. >> the weekly look of the excellent, the not so excellent, the good, the bad, the ugly for july 14, that feel day. we'll start with the good, the best catch. this is by far the smallest catch. she catches one in the little helmet that her ice cream sunday came in. >> wow. that thing is barely big enough to fit one scoop with a topping b she managed to get a second -- a topping, but she managed to get a second scoop. >> now, he hit 32 home runs on monday, but look at what happened with one of the few pop-ups. flying in, he goes full on it and makes the catch, like 60,000 fans were rooting for a home run. 20 kids were rooting for a pop- up so they could do that. and the ranger's pitcher, doesn't have time to fuel this
5:52 pm
conventionally, so he goes out here and on the black hand flip with a lot of the four-hand scoop this year. they have not seen that before. welcome to the game here. my highlight of prime time. let's go to the bad, the fake injury. brazil, erica. you are probably wondering what happened to her. we checked the goal cam, watch her in yellow right there, nothing happens to her. she just goes down for no reason to stall the game and they bring out the stretcher to take her o. but look at this, she's on the sideline, she hops off the stretcher and runs back into the game. i have seen better acting and for a variety of things. it is totally bogus in soccer. they need to cut that out. most painful, you know, preparation, what is this, a slip and slide? yeah, here is the problem. you see mom, she did not turn the water on. oh no. more of a slip and stick i think you would agree more than a slip and slide. anyway the most painful putout. giants first baseman, aubrey huff, colorado's choice coming down on the line. watch him right here, he elbows
5:53 pm
huff right there. >> oh wow. >> right intoed old aubrey right there, the former orioles guy. we don't like to see that happen to our old guys. let's go to the ugly, the worst auto parts. got to give this to austin dillons crew. he was driving in the truck race at kentucky and, you know, kind of tough to see like that when your hood pops up. >> yeah really. >> just keep turning left, boys, just keep turning left. that's all you need to do. >> finally, the worse journalism. the guy driving the tv car. he did not cover the riders as he did run them off the road. and in fact, you know, he road one rider right here into that barb wire fence on the side of the road, which actually ripped off all of his clothing. he did return to the race one layer of skin did not return to the race. and they took them out for the rest of the tour, severely restricted as to where they could be and how close they could ride it. very dangerous. >> yeah, they have always been allowed to be that close. >> if you ever driven in
5:54 pm
europe, it's a total free fall. >> oh wow, yeah. okay, thank you. well, harry potter and the deathly hollows part two opens up in theaters tonight. and the kids just can't wait. up next the stars of the film talk about the final chapter in this popular series. coming up new at 6:00. the dc police officer has been indicted on nine counts, including sexual abuse and other charges. i'm lindsey mastis, we'll have that story coming up.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
as they celebrate their national holiday right here in dc. and starting today, you can wear that hat rowdily for a weekend for crews and parties, restaurant specials, waiters, and mid-races for more. visit us online at to see a variety of festivities and a list of upcoming events. ♪ [ music ] well, there's no question about that. they are just wild about harry. harry potter that is, fans, they are already lining up to see the new film. we'll take a live picture now outside the uptown theater on connecticut avenue. you'll see the line right there, these are early birds, they are already lined up for tonight's mid -- midnight showing. that's right at 6:00 p.m. they are lining up for midnight. harry potter and the deathly hollows is the final series.
5:58 pm
we have more on the whiz kids final act. >> reporter: harry potter is battling for his life one final time in deathly hollows. it's an all-out war between good and evil with casualties and an unexpected hero. >> so many people, they would be out there and you know, they would not miss a good looking area here, but they tried. and they are the hero of all those people, you know, champions among every policy. they really become a favorite. >> reporter: it's been a remarkable journey for the original cast members. especially the young stars who have been growing into their characters for a decade. >> i think that when you play the character, you're kind of a great reliever here. and you know, it's just natural for it to kind of walk out here. you kind of morph into that person. and over the age you definitely have.
5:59 pm
>> what an amazing companion i have had, an amazing role to play. and that is really, you know, something. >> reporter: that loyalty keptfans young and old coming back for. for many it was their childhood too. >> california, they were so -- yeah, they were so desperate to see it and not to see it. >> reporter: the most successful franchise in movie history might be finished, but daniel radcliff says that the story will live on. >> there's a generation of kids that will introduce their kids to it and they will keep that moving up here. >> reporter: as millions say good-bye to harry potter. >> that's just the way you saw it. >> reporter: for many, it may only be the beginning. cbs news, new york. >> and i can't wait to see it. thank you for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. >> reporter: new at 6:00, the district police officer who has been indicted on sex assault charges, he allegedly used a gun to force three women to perform sex acts. lindsema


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